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As I write this post,residents of Mpeketoni village are still in shock in the aftermath of the attack by armed gunmen that has so far claimed 48 lives. Its truly a sad a fair and one can only hope the powers that be can put their s**t in order. The constant bickering,name calling and finger pointing by our leaders will not solve the serious security,or lack thereof, issues in the country. The brazen manner in which the attacks were carried out points to the inadequacy of our resources and the inefficacy of our intelligence devices. The fight is no longer physical but also mental. By attacking people in their homes and the police stations,the terrorists are trying to send a message to us,that we are no longer safe wherever we are. Ole Lenku and co. please convince us otherwise.

On a much happier note, A Thousand Words is happy to announce that it is officially a part of Storymoja Festival Bloggers team.  I am more than grateful for the opportunity to be part of the biggest literary event in the region. I have already met some very interesting and talented writers and I can only hope to learn from such like minded people. Join in the conversation by following @StorymojaFest on twitter and like  Storymoja Hay Festival on facebook. Frau Kamari has already written all you need to know about Storymoja here so give it a read.Ensure you also follow the lovely people and read their work. Monsieur Adam has set the ball rolling on the controversy riddled discussion on the rape blame game with his article on the Science of Rape .

Finally the world cup fever is at its peak. With an average of 3 goals per match and the attacking mindset of most teams, the snore fest that was the world cup 2010 is nothing but a distant memory. The under dogs are proving to be more than capable of fighting the big boys. The Flying Dutchmen may just have stylishly put the final nail on tiki taka’s coffin. A new breed of footballers are stepping up and claiming their place on footballing history. The old legs of Andrea Pirlo continue proving the longevity in class by outclassing the emerging stars in the England camp. Leo Messi may have scored but he still has to prove he can deliver for Argentina on the big stage.Goal line technology was finally put to good use and influenced the result. The abilities of legends are being questioned. The referees too have some questions to answer on some of their controversial decisions. And we are just four days in. Tonight Cristiano Ronaldo will be needed to step up as Portugal face Germany. Questions have been raised on how fit he is.But even a cracked Cristiano is still a threat to even the best defence.It promises to be a cracker!!

P.S I will be posting the first guest post soon,keep an eye out for it. The writer wishes to remain anonymous but the writing will speak for itself.