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We have all been there. You exchange glances. But you think to yourself you must be imagining it. This was an occurrence that happened recently to a friend of mine who I must say is really beautiful. She started raging on of how men are clueless as ladies try to give the men a hint they are interested. I tried to convince her that in this day and age it’s not always that the men will make the first move.



She sat there for almost a whole hour trying to justify her pride and I sat there wondering how many ladies live in such a conundrum. Pride could be a barrier to  true love and for one to reap the benefits pride should be set aside. Another school of thought is that probably one is simply not interested, I have been a victim of this more than I’d care to admit. Such experiences usually limit my social experience especially if there is a chance we might meet again. That is not to say that people should stop going for what their heart desires but rather people should an open mind when doing it.  One is always at risk of heartbreak but such trivialities should not limit the way we live. It is said that the most important decisions in our lives are either made out of love or in fear. We should always try to make more from the former in everything that we do not just love. What is the worst that could happen. The many times I have been turned down has led to many good friendships including the aforementioned girl. Anyway this is her story,what say you???

” For four weeks we worked in the same office. In the course of these four weeks we never really talked to each other. We would steal glances and occasionally smile at each other. Still no one made the first move. This is how our working relationship was for the four weeks. My first thoughts about him were that he was stuck up and too proud to say hi. I too was guilty of being proud; I did not see the need to initiate communication with someone who did not seem to care.


I guess we were both stubborn. This made me curious. He was also quite cute no doubt and his silence was a mystery to me. I made a point to find out his name at least while I was sure that he had no clue what my name was. He always seemed disinterested while I was curious and wanted to know more about him. I noticed everything about him; his eyes, his smile, his voice, his nails, the catholic ring he wore, his suits and ties. His voice was irresistible, one of those voices you could listen to all day long without getting tired or bored. The four weeks were coming to an end but we still had never really talked and he would leave without even knowing my name. His indifference towards me amazed me.

It was a Thursday of the fourth week, the week he was to leave. We were given some assignment to do and I was in charge of it. In the course of completing this assignment we finally got to actually talk. He finally learned my name after a whole four weeks. He was witty and one of his comments made me really blush. I am usually armed with a come-back to such comments but this time he caught me flat-footed, I was dumbfounded. I was so excited; we finally talked even though it was one day before he was to leave. Friday was the day he was to leave, maybe he would ask for my number fingers crossed or maybe I was too delusional and getting ahead of myself.

Um...yes we are

Um…yes we are


We finished our work and it was time to bid our goodbyes. He couldn’t leave without saying it could he? I decided to linger around for a while to make sure everything was in order. As I sat there I saw him pass by on his phone but I did not make much of it. He passed by again. I chose to ignore this and continue with what I was doing. He suddenly entered and asked if I was ready to go. He was supposedly waiting for me so that we could go together. I could not believe it, I was ecstatic. I ,of course, tried to hide my excitement and retain my composure. Then again my eyes usually betray me. Why was I so excited? Sounds stupid when I come to think of it but we cannot help how we feel. I finished up and left with him. We began talking as we headed to the bus stop and I realized how witty and mature he was. We continued talking as we boarded the bus to town about anything and everything. The journey should have been longer and once we alighted being the gentleman he is escorted me to where I was meeting up with a friend. He was very intellectual and many of the things he said made me ponder for a few minutes. That just made him more attractive. The conversation was getting more interesting and I finally arrived. We had to say goodbye.These are usually one of the awkward moments because you are not sure how to say it, a hug, handshake or just a casual goodbye especially with someone you are not too familiar with. Or maybe I just over think these things being as weird as I am. I decided a casual bye was enough being that I had not known him too well. I waited for him to ask for my number but he never did. We said our byes and parted ways. I kept thinking and asking myself why he never did ask for my number. He took all that effort to wait for me and escort me. I guess I will never know. Maybe I should have hinted that he takes my number. I guess I will just have to move on and wait to meet with him one of these days on the streets of Nairobi. After all the world is a small place especially Nairobi so we are bound to meet one of these days. Until then I should stalk him on social media, he should not be too hard to find . Though there is a very high possibility that the next time I meet him I will be over this crush and found another one as these things are part and parcel of life.

This happens to most of us everyday,what are you going to do about it….

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